Saturday, June 12, 2010

Dropping the pounds... woo-hoo!

I've dropped 11 pounds now. I'm very excited about my newfound healthier lifestyle! I feel better and am starting to look much better as well. I could've dropped at least five pounds more than I have, if I hadn't fallen a bit off the wagon last week when I was sick. During the week I had grilled cheese sandwiches with soup and I shouldn't have had any cheese.... or all that bread. I was a bad girl. I also had one fudge bar and yes it was good. **) After that week when I weighed myself, I had stayed the same weight and not changed. If I had stayed on my healthier path, I may have lost an additional 5 pounds or so. Oh well, its still all good. I can't complain about losing 11 so far because I'm super thrilled about that.
I've learned to like such dishes as tofu stir fry and frozen bananas. There are so many different fruits and vegetables that I had never tried before. I still drink coffee but I have cut out the cream. I only use Hawaiian cane sugar in my coffee or tea and I no longer drink soda, no more chips or cookies, just natural fruit and veggies. You can really make some great tasting snacks without using junk foods.
 I'll be weighing again next week on Wednesday. I hope to drop some more soon!