Thursday, November 1, 2012

October 2012 ... so far so good!

She is still a happy & (so far) healthy doggie. I am so blessed that my baby girl is doing good with the prednisone. We hope to have many more years together with our baby Grace. **)

Sunday, September 30, 2012

The hungry baby girl! **)

October is Tomorrow!!

I just cannot believe that September 2012 is ending today. It really is a beautiful day outside here but since I am currently fighting an infection with antibiotics I thought it best to stay inside..... well that or I just really didn't feel like getting out of my pj's today. There is still hope as it is only 5:09pm at this moment. Hahaha! Both my doggies are doing good. Gracie is still on prednisone and it is working really well. She hasn't had any real bad symptoms since last week. She had a couple off-balance moments this week but only a couple times and for quick seconds. So far so good! Its so hard to know that your dog is dying and not be able to do anything except give her medicine, but we are happy to see her still acting like herself, playing with Ashley, eating and drinking just fine (well a little too much due to the side effects of her prednisone, but more normal than not) and also she is still so lovable and playful. We are so thankful for every moment we have with her! **)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Grace has been on the prednisone for almost three weeks. She's been doing really well with a touch of her symptoms showing every now and then but for the most part almost like normal. Today has been a bit rough. As we are on our vacation and staying home with them this week, we noticed that she has had her back leg twitch a few times and she's been licking her front paws quite a bit. Those are some of the symptoms she had before but they were uncontrollable before the meds. We pray that today is just a rough start and that she will be better later this afternoon. Whew! This is hard to watch and we can't imagine what she is going through. We are so worried about her but we have to try to let her have as much fun as possible and keep her happy and loved, the best we can. We love her so much!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Gracie face!

My poor baby girl. They just don't know what's going on with her sudden spasms and they hope that an MRI and possibly a spinal tap will let them know what's going on so she can be treated. She keeps getting worse over the course of a few weeks and its really scary. Today she was outside and stumbled as she went to the bathroom. Her back legs shake so bad it looks like she is going to fall over. But she works her way through it like a brave girl. But as she ran to come back in her front feet cupped under and it looked as if she lost the use of her two front legs as she fell to the ground. The side of her face hit the ground but luckily she was in the grass. She is a solider and immediately picked herself back up, shook her head and then kept on running. It seemed as though her and her sister dog, Ashley, were racing and losing the use of her legs for a second wasn't keeping her down... no way, she got her self together and continued to run into the garage, just passing Ashley at the final moment. It looked as if she had just won a marathon with her tongue sticking out and her wide smile on her face. You would never know that she had just taken a fall and prior to that she had a pretty hard time of trying to go to the bathroom. She knows something is wrong, but she keeps on going and tries to make the most of it. It breaks my heart to see her have to go through this and I just pray that she can be treated and that she will get better.

Please help & be an angel for Grace!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New Year..time to get serious about getting into shape!

This year is off to a great start.  I'm trying to keep an eye on what I eat and add some type of exercise into my routine.  I started off great a couple weeks ago by working out on the elliptical machine three times in one week and for over thirty minutes each time.  Then I seemed to slack off a bit last week but its time to get my butt in gear again.  I'm not getting any younger and to keep up my energy and get myself in shape, I really have no choice but to incorporate exercise into my daily routine.  Today I took each dog out for walks around the neighborhood for a total of 45 minutes. Not bad and the dogs really enjoyed it as well. 
Now I'm ready to plan  for a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise whether I'm on a machine, walking or dancing to an Xbox game, but I really need to get serious about this and get in shape.  I really really would love to look like I did back in 2002, that's when I was in the best shape I've ever been in wearing sizes 4 and 6.  I always wanted to see that size again and hopefully this year I will.  I would love to look even better than I did back then... whew, I've got some work ahead of me! Wish me luck! -SS