Friday, October 28, 2011

Math and more...

At the beginning of the day I knew I would have to sit down at this computer and complete my multiple homework assignments for math.  I also knew it would take me hours to complete.  Yet here I am, writing on my blog and NOT doing math homework.  I'm just not sure what it is about math that makes me want to eat a bunch of Halloween candy and chips in order to avoid biting my nails.  Math makes me nervous.  I see the problem whether it be lots of words with numbers that you have to figure out how to solve, or if it is just a basic algebraic expression that needs to be broken down in order to calculate appropriately.  How many people can say that they would rather write a five page paper on the disadvantages of math rather than complete one homework assignment in math consisting of only 20 questions.  Ugh! I just really don't like it.  Its almost like my brain seriously shuts off when I'm trying to comprehend this stuff.  Now basic, simple equations are my friends and I don't mind them... but when you have numbers and letters all mixed together with powers and fractions and equal to or not equal to or less than and you have to graph them or find if they go to infinity or not... yuck... I'm already getting a headache explaining why I don't like it. Oh my. How come the schools can't make you take a short quiz that asks if you will need to use this stuff in your future.. Yes or No.  If you select No, than guess what?!?!? Well you get to skip Math, that's what!! Now doesn't that sound like it makes a whole lot of sense? It does to me. I'm just sayin'!
Until next time....SS

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