Sunday, September 30, 2012

October is Tomorrow!!

I just cannot believe that September 2012 is ending today. It really is a beautiful day outside here but since I am currently fighting an infection with antibiotics I thought it best to stay inside..... well that or I just really didn't feel like getting out of my pj's today. There is still hope as it is only 5:09pm at this moment. Hahaha! Both my doggies are doing good. Gracie is still on prednisone and it is working really well. She hasn't had any real bad symptoms since last week. She had a couple off-balance moments this week but only a couple times and for quick seconds. So far so good! Its so hard to know that your dog is dying and not be able to do anything except give her medicine, but we are happy to see her still acting like herself, playing with Ashley, eating and drinking just fine (well a little too much due to the side effects of her prednisone, but more normal than not) and also she is still so lovable and playful. We are so thankful for every moment we have with her! **)

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