Friday, May 30, 2014

May 2014 - Wow, so much has happened since my last post

Wow. I can't believe that I haven't posted on here since Gracie passed away.  That was the hardest experience ever and we still miss her every single day. We really miss her loving nature, her gentle ways and her loud snoring, yes we miss that so much.  It was so quiet after she was gone and it would make both of us cry.  Our other dog Ashley seemed to act a little strange for a few days but then was really happy.  She actually took on some of Grace's characteristics. It was really weird but she started playing ball and waiting for us on the landing when coming upstairs, just little things that she never did before and only Grace did.  It warmed my heart to see her become more playful and loving, almost like a piece of Grace was (and still is) with her.

Well, last summer we decided to plan for a family.  It was before Grace passed away but we didn't want to say anything until we new it would be a possibility for us.  First, I came off my required medication back in August 2013 and we were allowed to begin trying in September.  We didn't tell people just in case we weren't able to conceive or if I had problems with coming off my medication and we didn't want to jinx anything.
After 4 months of trying we got the good news on February 7, 2014 that we had a positive test.  We were still cautious about everything, especially since it was so early.  Well, fast forward a few months later and we are doing pretty good. Around "week 17-week 18" my belly went from normal-ish to all of a sudden looking like a little basketball was poking out.  It is so weird!
The second trimester has been pretty good, much better than the first.  I was lucky enough NOT to have nausea but I did get sick (throat, cough, infection) and had to take antibiotics for a bit. Then I had an RA flare-up and had to have my knee drained and put on a low dose of Prednisone.  That was no fun and I've been having an occasional flare here and there, but I haven't needed any more drains (thank goodness!) and the Pred seems to control it for the most part.
Last weekend we found out the gender of the baby.  That was so exciting!!  IT'S A GIRL!! I am totally thrilled and over the moon!! We are honoring both my grandmother and our baby Gracie, by naming our daughter Georgette Grace.  I was so happy that Cliff liked the idea and agreed on the name. As soon as they said that she's a girl, my eyes just filled with tears of joy.  This is so amazing to me! Now yes, I must admit that my hubby is a bit shocked and scared.  He was really hoping for a boy because he is scared to death of girls. (heehee!)  But I told him all will be okay and he will be the best Daddy in the world!   We got the coolest photos from the 3D/4D experience and also a dvd as well.  I love playing that and seeing this little tiny being still in development kicking and punching inside of my belly. It is so amazing!  I haven't felt anything yet, but everyone says I'll probably start feeling something soon.
I'm definitely looking forward to this summer with the pregnancy in full bloom and then the final stages coming in Sept/Oct.  Her due date is Oct. 17, but we both think she will arrive early.  I'm crossing my fingers & toes and praying for a smooth delivery, a healthy baby and two very happy parents that are excited about her arrival. Wish me luck!

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