Sunday, September 27, 2009

Family... part one

I had a request from my niece to write more about my family. This one is for you, little Mary! **)
I have a fabulous family and am very blessed with such awesome people in my life. Even though my husband and I do not have children of our own, we do have 3 nieces and 2 nephews. Ranging in ages from baby to 3rd grader! Little Mary is a wonderful cook and loves to make others happy. You would never guess that she is only in 3rd grade by the taste of her macaroni and cheese or her delightful chocolate cream pie. YUM-MY!  She has beautiful red hair and looks like a grown up version of my favorite cabbage-patch kid, Gena Jodie. **) The other 3rd grader is my nephew, Riley. He loves being a scout, playing baseball and this year is playing football. He likes it so far and hopefully he will continue to like it the rest of the season. With his pale blond hair and his true blue eyes, he will probably grow up faster than we would like. As I continue in order from oldest to youngest, the next little person is my niece, Leia. She is only in first grade this year and will be joining the girl scouts for the first time. She is very excited about that, but even more excited about being in gymnastics. She is still at that age where a hug means so much to her and playing dress-up and dollies are her favorite things to do. I wish all kids could stay at this age. It is just so innocent and wonderful.
Next is my nephew, Blake, and this year is his first year in school. So far he likes Kindergarten and he has a love for playing with cars, trucks, trains, well anything that moves around. He is a tough little boy and loves his baby sister and his doggie. When I bring my doggies over to play, he runs around the yard calling out for them to chase him. He is so funny and says the craziest things. His baby sister, Tristin, is our other niece. She is still a little baby just starting to pull herself around on things. Not walking yet, but will probably be soon. She has the perfect little baby face.... like she could be the next Gerber baby!
If my husband and I are lucky enough, maybe someday we will have a little one as smart, wonderful and adorable as our nieces and our nephews. But for now, we will settle with having our two wonderful doggies that are extremely loyal, faithful, and loving. We couldn't ask for better dogs.

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