Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Guilty Pleasures of Tuesday night!

My guilty pleasures have returned and I've got mixed emotions on these shows! I grew up with the original 90210 and Melrose Place and  of course I had to check out these updated versions.
I'm liking the new Melrose. The hunky dudes, the catty women, the "who-dunnit" mystery. Loving the Amanda-ish character of Ella. I think I actually like her better than the original Amanda. She's got that same touch of over-confident bitchyness, but she also has more of a softer side that makes you like her all the same. It's still too early to tell on the other characters but I'm liking it so far, so we'll see.
However, I'm a bit bummed about this season of 90210. The men, well... boys, all seem so stupid. I wonder what's up with Navid's jealousy, why can't Dixon give Silver a chance, and come on Liam, just tell Naomi that her sister is a complete evil beeotch! But then I remember, oh yeah, they are high school boys. Ok, this makes perfect sense now. But what's up with this new guy? Not really crazy about him. Not as cute and likable as Ethan... bring back Ethan already! But on the other hand, I do like the new hair-do's for Silver and Adrianna. Also, Sara Foster is great as Naomi's very naughty older sister and I hope she stays on for a bit.

Looking forward to Supernatural and Vampire Diaries on Thursday night. Boone from Lost as a super hot, but evil vampire.......nice!
And what can I say about Supernatural's Dean & Sam....YUM-MY!!

That's all for now.

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