Wednesday, March 13, 2013

March 2013

WOW... time FLIES by, doesn't it? My Gracie is still doing ok but could be much better.  Her skin infection ended up spreading to both her legs, behind her tail and all over her stomach.  She is on yet another course of antibiotics and we are trying a new combination of creams to see if they will help.  The vet was pleased that some of the skin does look a bit better, its just a shame that its not gone completely.  She did have three different spots appear on her face, but they have since disappeared (thank goodness!!) and the same happened to a few spots that appeared between her paws but have also gone away.  We were also told to decrease her prednisone which we did until we got to 10mg only 2x's a week... but then she had a few symptoms of the GME return.  We are now back to 10mg per day instead.  We don't want her to relapse, yet we want to get her off the Prednisone. UGH! This is so hard, especially with her skin issues but when you look into that face you know that everything is worth it. She is so incredibly loving and just wonderful.  Her face makes me happy.  I'm so glad that she seems okay with everything as she still eats, drinks, snacks and plays like a normal doggie. **) Now to concentrate on my own issues! Final exams and assignments this week for school and eye surgery for me on Monday. Fun stuff up in here!

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