Tuesday, April 16, 2013

April 16, 2013

Today is Tuesday April 16.  Yesterday there was a horrific event in Boston, Mass and today most of the world is still trying to understand why, why &-why on earth would people plant bombs to explode at a marathon?  This is just awful.  How can a person not have thoughts/feelings about the results of their actions?  Why is it that people hate other people so much and have no regard for human life?  I feel sorry for people like that.  I find myself wondering what happened to them to make them that way?  Everything is not always black and white and people who believe need a serious wake up call.  I just don't know how people can treat other people badly and what did they experience in order to make them so hateful and evil?  How can we help people like that before they do bad things to other people?  Our society has its faults, yes, but I don't know why people just feel the need to hate other people for no reason. ??  Why can't people respect life and the blessing that it is? I wish more people would embrace the differences among us.

I'm not perfect, nope--not all all.  I know that when I was younger I made some stupid mistakes and didn't always consider my actions before doing them.  I still make mistakes from time to time but I try to learn from them now in order to not repeat myself.  Reflection is a powerful feeling because you can thoroughly explore the memories in your brain and compare what you know now to what you knew & did in the past.  This helps to provide a new understanding of how you would have handled things differently and what you can do in your own future to ensure that you don't make the same mistakes.

Our country is very diverse and we make up a variety of cultures.  Why can't we teach the younger generation to respect differences in other people and find the beauty in their uniqueness?  Giving up is not an option.  The only way to change our world is to spread the word and do something positive and encouraging to make a difference.  Practice respect for one another, stop discriminating against people for being different and instead support one another even if you might not believe in the exact same things as they do.  Practice patience and lead by example, that is all we can ask of one another.

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